Launch a video subscription business in minutes.

Charge for access to your video content. No code required!


Your Own MasterClass

Provide exclusive access to your content and community.

Build your list

Collect email addresses and build your list on platforms like ConvertKit and Mailchimp.

Use your own domain

Use your own domain and host content archives on your site. Require paid members to sign in to view content.

Membership portal

Manage memberships, track revenue, and customize subscription plans.

visual data

Predictable revenue

Stop relying on YouTube for all of your revenue.

No shared revenue fees!

Unlike platforms like Patreon, we charge a fixed price, which allows you to grow expansion revenue.

Add affiliates

Grow your memberships with affiliate programs for your site.

Stay in control

Control what content is free and paid. Engage with your audience on a forum for your content.

Simple, transparent pricing.

No shared revenue fees! Grow your revenue.

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The ideal plan for growing niche video content business.

$99/ mo
$990/ yr
  • Up to 1,000 paid subscribers
  • Integrates with ConvertKit and Mailchimp
  • Use your own domain
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Media OTT

The best plan for teams building a video OTT platform with a team.

$199/ mo
$1,990/ yr
  • Unlimited paid subscribers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Team member editing tools
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